Solve Search Engine Not Indexing Site

Why Need To Index

Well, several years ago search engines are not so smart for indexing your blog post you need to wait for the search crawlers then now search engines are so smart you don't need to wait for crawler now you can force crawler to index your blog post.In today post we will learn how to index a blog post instantly.

Why Crawler Is Not Indexing Your Site

Duplicate Content

yaa if you are doing copy paste then beware google will deindex your website .google loves unique content so try always write to unique content.


if you are migrated HTTP to HTTPS and again you have migrated https to HTTP then Google will completely deindex your once you migrate don't return to unsecured version.Add your site URL with HTTPS in the sitemap.

Theme error

if you added some code or wrong plugin then Google will ignore your blog don't add all in one SEO pack in blogspot blogs search engines ignores after adding it.

Blacklist sites

yes, every year Google blacklists around 1million sites for security issue or sometimes for other errors.check your site where your site is blacklisted or not.

Force Google to Index

google has introduced a feature now you can crawl your URL manually in search console.Today i will teach you
After publishing your blog post.


go to google and search submit my link and click on the first link.


submit your URL complete your security captcha and submit within 5minutes your site will be indexed.

well now your site will index and you will get search traffic instantly do not forget to share this blog post with your friends.

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